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RustyCage a Rust-lang IDE plugin for Eclipse

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I have created a Rust plugin for Eclipse, so here is a small intro how to use it.

First you need to chose the Rust perspective.


If you want code completion from the std libs, you need to download the rust source code and add rust home your rust preferences.


Then in the Rust perspective chose New RustProject


This opens the rust project wizard.


The default is lib, so if you want a executable you need to check of the lib check box. And fill inn version and author. Here is an example.


Press Finnish and your rust project is created. A crate file is created for your project.


No you probably want a rust file, chose new rust file.


This will open the new rust file wizard. Give the file a name. The must be a .rs or .rc file.


Then your crate file has been updated with your new rust file.


Now enter your code in the rust file. And you have the compile and the run buttons in your task bar. Compile and run uses the context of the file you are in, so you can either compile the crate or just one file.


Compile output in the console window.


And finally press the run button and you get the result in the console window.


You can fetch the plugin via github from

Or get it from update site

RustyCage is writen in Scala so you need the Scala compiler to install it.

Build your own update site with maven and tycho

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March 27, 2012 at 5:17 pm

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